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Market Street (Rhinebeck)

Last week, we took a break from cooking and ordered curbside pickup from Market Street, one of our favorite places in Rhinebeck. While browsing the menu, we noticed a lot of new items on their takeout menu. Normally, we'd get two orders of our usual rigatoni with creamy tomato sauce and call it a day, but something else caught our eye that night: CURRY CHICKEN SALAD. So we ordered a pan of their fresh baked rosemary focaccia ($5) and one order of the "Curry chicken salad, golden raisins, coconut, almonds, red pepper, cilantro" ($10 for one pound).

We brought it home and immediately made sandwiches. The bread was served in a 13x9" pan and it was HUGE. There was enough chicken salad for 3 (possibly 4) sandwiches and it blew us away! We added a layer of hummus to the bread, and within 5 mins, we had a sensible, delicious, and relatively cheap dinner for 2!

19 West Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY, 12572



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