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Aba's Falafel

We were first introduced to Aba's Falafel 4 years ago when it quickly became our favorite vendor at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market. Every Sunday they were there with a huge smile and the most delicious falafel sandwiches wrapped in the fluffiest homemade pitas! Two years ago they opened a stand-alone shop right on Market Street and now we can enjoy falafel seven days a week.

We've tried everything on the menu (many times), but our favorite is still the original falafel sandwich. It's stuffed with falafel, tahini, cucumber + tomato, cabbage, and onion with sumac. Our second favorite option is called "little bit of everything" which comes with falafel, hummus, all their salads, and a pita on the side.

Regardless of your order, make sure to grab every condiment they offer because it adds a little something extra with each bite. We like to mix the cilantro, harisa, and mango sauces together and pour it on each bite.

Pro-tip: The split pea soup is surprisingly delicious as is their homemade lemonade with anise.

54 East Market St

Rhinebeck, NY 12572



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