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During COVID, Everyone's a Chef!

As we head into month 5 of #CovidLife, our meals are getting pretty redundant. We try our best to support local restaurants as much as we can, but like everyone else, we pretty much cook the majority of our meals. Here's an assortment of some of our latest meals; we take great pleasure in trying new dishes, so if you've got any go-to recipes, please share 'em in the comments!

Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff (Recipe)

We probably eat this once a month and it never fails us. We didn't have mushrooms or fresh parsley, so the depth of flavor wasn't quite there, but during Covid, you learn to make due with what you have!


Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding (Recipe)

This was a winner! Tasted even better than Magnolia's bread pudding, however, it was a tad on the sweet side. The recipe called for a full can of condensed milk, but next time we'll half that. It also called for a full tablespoon of vanilla extract, but we only added 1/2 tablespoon and that was plenty.

This dish is WAAAAYYY to big for two of us to finish by ourselves, but it would be a huge party hit, so invite us over and we promise to make it again!


Lasagna Rolls, a la Don Angie (Inspiration Photo)

Tried to change it up and made lasagna roll ups rather than the traditional layered lasagna. Although the flower shape is pretty, it didn't taste as good as traditional layered lasagna. But neither one of us will ever not finish a lasagna!


Taco Bell Deconstructed

Filling: Ancho chile ground beef with sweet potatoes, garlic cilantro rice with Mexican black beans and corn

Toppings: shredded cheddar cheese, sriracha creama + nacho cheese


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