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Wethersfield Estate and Gardens (Amenia, NY)

Wethersfield Estate & Gardens is one of our all-time favorite finds upstate. Located in the gorgeous hills of Amenia, NY near the Millbrook border, this enchanting oasis feels like a world apart. The gardens themselves encompass 10 acres (3 acres of formal Italian gardens and 7 acres of wilderness gardens). There's also separate riding trails accessible to horseback riders, carriage drivers, hikers and dog walkers.

Follow a LOOONNNGGG gravel driveway from the main road and it's like you're stepping back in time. There's ample parking on the grass and then you're off to choose your own adventure. We discover something new on each visit and it's easy to spend an entire afternoon admiring the formal gardens and getting lost in the wilderness trails. Unlike the Vanderbilt House, and FDR's house/presidential library, Wethersfield feels more accessible and lived-in. While the Italian gardens are indeed formal, they're laid out in a way that invites you to explore and they've sparked more than a few garden ideas that we've tried in our own gardens.

We ended up taking well over 200 photos over 3 visits, and we did our best to narrow down our favorites. We decided the best way to feature them was in the same order we captured them, as if you're strolling along with us.

257 Pugsley Hill Rd

Amenia, NY 12501

(845) 373-8037


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